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Social, Online, Email & SMS Marketing

We are a strong believer that the success behind every good brand in the 21st century has been the use of cutting edge technologies to provide access and awareness about their products and services. The best way to do this to the mass market in a cost effective fashion is online marketing efforts from social media to direct online marketing efforts, which include emailers, SMS and online advertising campaigns. We assist you to build a strategy and also execute these plans for you ensuring you are kept abreast of the results every step of the way.

Advertising Placements

Whether you require online or offline advertising on billboards, magazines, radio or television we can coordinate and negotiate the best above-the-line advertising placements for your operations. We advise you of the best avenues for advertising placements in accordance with your target audience and then negotiate the best rates for advertising on your behalf with the publications or service providers.

Affiliate Sales Network

At Rio Hospitality we want to ensure that you get the best ability to service the largest number of patrons possible, in this way we use our growing affiliate network of service providers to place bookings and provide referrals for your operations, we then transfer these bookings and referrals to you.