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Business Process Outsourcing

Our Operations Division acts as a centralized operations centre for your hospitality needs, whereby we take the operational costs that are always costly, cumbersome and can be a catalyst for disaster for many operations, especially in the start-up or growth phases of their business cycle.  In this way we offer all the necessary operational assistance to ensure your business can concentrate where it is needed most, that is, running your hotel, restaurant or other specialty hospitality services.  We specialize in following operational areas:

Systems & Software Solutions

We take away the headache and pain from finding the right solutions for your business, from state of the art Point of Sale (PoS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resources and Payroll solutions (including Wages Protection System and electronic debit) we find the right fit, implement and then also support the solutions 100%.  No more worrying about system failures, anomalies in accounting or late salary payments.


We find that many businesses lack consistency and service maintenance when an appropriate training program is not devised for new employees or existing employees that have not maintained there understanding of regional and global benchmarks.  In this respect we devise and coordinate all the training to staff members, including but not limited to the provision of training manuals which ensure guides for employees on service standards, systems, contact trees, protocols, codes of practice, menus and internal policies and procedures.